PREP is a shared kitchen facility supporting small food businesses across Metro Atlanta and in various locations throughout the South. When it opened in May 2014, it was a new build construction so we were starting from scratch. Wizard worked closely with the management team to develop the website, collateral, and a social media strategy. The business has been a huge success, expanded to Austin and is now building multiple locations around the South.


Web Design
Rebranding & Logo Design
Marketing Collateral
Graphic Design


Websites are important for all businesses but particularly one that is literally building itself from the ground up. When we launched PREP’s original website, they didn’t have the building that they were selling space in, so the use of architect’s renderings was a necessity, and it played to our advantage for a while.

Over the years since, Wizard led a PREP through a rebrand and we are now on the thrid website iteration. Both the brand identity and the website represents a more mature business and one that is poised for huge growth and expansion.

Graphic Design

After four years in business, PREP needed a branding refresh to help them maintain their positioning in the market and put their best foot forward. The new logo is much more sophisticated and has been very well received in the industry. We continue to work with them on branding and marketing requirements as needed.