PH’EAST is an Asian food hall that opened at The Battery in Atlanta in November 2019 by the owners of PREP. As a long-time marketing partner, Wizard was part of the earliest discussions and was integral in establishing the brand identity, beginning with the name. We knew we wanted to build the brand with authenticity, but also be sure to set it well apart from the average Atlanta restaurant. It is a unique concept, with a unique offering, and needed to be presented that way.


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Marketing Strategy
Branding and Naming
Graphic Design
Marketing Services


The food and beverages served at PH’EAST are effortlessly beautiful and photogenic by virtue of their fresh ingredients and presentation. However, we wanted to be sure the website branded PH’EAST right out of the gates as something different – which is where the manga idea was born. When you arrive at the PH’EAST website, you know immediately this is not just another Asian restaurant.

Graphic Design

Wizard advised on the name PH’EAST, the tagline ‘A Far East Street Feast’ and developed the logo. We continue to provide guidance on graphic design and branding elements.

Marketing Services

Wizard provided branding oversight throughout the development of the PH’EAST concept. We continue to work closely with management and anticipate being involved for years to come.