Paula Pellegrino Life Coaching

Paula Pellegrino is one of the most emotionally generous and down to earth people I have ever met. After receiving her certificate in coaching, she decided to specialize in grief counseling and needed a website to direct people to learn more about her services. The result is a serene and respectful site that also conveys hope.


Web Design
Logo Design


Creating a website to speak to people are grieving is a tall order and one that I approached very respectfully. I wanted visitors to feel like they would be heard and understood, but also that there were good things yet to come.

Logo Design

Paula didn’t really have any idea what she wanted in a logo but the more I spoke to her I knew it needed to be colorful. We chose yellow as a symbol of hope and the dramatic swoop across the P’s – which is also duplicated throughout the website – is a symbol that grief is not a straight line.