National Criminal Defense College

NCDC is a nationally recognized and respected organization for criminal defense lawyers but their branding and website did nothing to put their best foot forward. They approached Wizard to produce a modern and sophisticated brand identity and a website that was worthy of their noble cause.


Web Design
Logo Design


The design of the website needed to send the message that once you become a member of the National Criminal Defense College, you have a team of people behind you. The use of actual member silhouettes is a great visual to reinforce that concept. The colors are bright and modern which create an enthusiasm and desire to be a part of it.

Graphic Design

The original logo for NCDC looked like every other law organization or lawyer’s office. It was not offensive in any way but was not memorable or exciting either. We kept the flame as part of the identity but gave it a totally different personality, and the colors stand out against a sea of stodgy, navy blue logos that plague this sector.