Bella Medspa

Bella Medspa has been a successful business in Atlanta for over 10 years. As a small business, Bella does not need someone full time for just marketing, so we work very closely with the team on a consulting basis. We collaborate almost daily on every aspect of marketing, both online and offline.


Marketing Consultant
Email Marketing
Marketing Collateral
Graphic Design


Bella Medspa is located in a small bungalow in Buckhead and it is a very warm and welcoming place and we wanted to be sure the website reflected this. Wizard built the site initially but it is now managed by a third party.

Email Marketing

Bella Medspa constantly has a need to communicate with its clients – new products, new services, launch events, and new blog posts. We have implemented a monthly newsletter to provide some consistency in branding, as well as to ensure the clients are not overwhelmed with emails.

Marketing Services

We are Bella’s Marketing Director and Design Agency rolled into one. While most everything we do for them involves graphic design there are also more obvious things like direct mail and promotional flyers that fall squarely in this category.